10 Reasons You Should Enjoy Taking Your Grandparents to Disney World

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January 12, 2016

I know what you're thinking: Disney World is a place for kids. In fact, the only reason you'd go there is to take a kid who can stand in line and get their picture taken with Goofy (I'm 25 and this is still my favorite part, by the way). Yes, bringing a child along is tons of fun! Seeing their eyes light up as their favorite characters come to life is nothing short of a blessing.

But, that is not what this post is about. For me, the best time I had at Disney World was when I took along my grandparents. Still not following?  I would like to explain why (for me) the best people to take to Disney World are your grandparents. (Results may vary depending on your grandparents. Mine are pretty darn amazing.)

Reason #1: The car ride there is absolutely hilarious.

Instead of flying to Orlando, we decided to squeeze in the car and drive the whole way there. As the driver of this trip, I can say it came with challenges. My grandfather was always worried about the gas. (Do we have enough? Where is the next station? What's the gas dial on now?)  This resulted in some pretty colorful and hilarious conversations.

What? Doesn't sound fun to you? Because I'm pretty sure I laughed the whole way. Side note: They never get mad when you want to listen to your own music. No kids means no requests for songs from The Wiggles.

Reason #2: They make every ride an "experience". 

The thing I would like to stress the most about bringing your grandparents along are the memories you will make. When I was younger I visited Disney World, but I was too young to really remember it. Now, when I think of the park, I think about the solid 5 minutes it took to fit all four of us into Tea Cups. I was laughing so hard I almost cried. Finally when we got the ride started, we spun it as fast as we could. We were all having a blast together. I know not everyone can say they have a vivid memory of spinning around in circles as fast as they can on the Tea Cup ride with their grandparents, watching them laugh and get dizzy...I can. I am so thankful for it, too.

Reason #3: You can take things slow.

There are so many things to see and do in Disney World. When you bring your grandparents, no one is upset about taking things slow and not making it to every ride or event. We had no schedule or goals for the day, we just went with the flow. If we ran into something that looked interesting, we did it. If we missed something, no one was crying about it. We just really enjoyed being with each other.

Reason #4:  Hit up the more exotic restaurants and let your taste buds enjoy!

Face it. You're probably tired of eating chicken fingers and burgers at the more mainstream spots or food carts in the parks. The good thing about Disney World is that every place we encountered had a kid's menu. But, before leaving for our trip we secured a reservation at SANAA, the African restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Let me just say, the food was absolutely incredible. The appetizer alone was enough to fill me up. Our waitress casually placed several helpings of Indian-style bread with sides on our table. The sauces ranged from spicy, to sweet, to savory, to smoky. I loved them all. The sweet mango chutney was probably everyone's favorite.

For dessert we had a trio of items --Tanzanian Chocolate Mousse, Coconut Cheesecake, and Chai Cream. Although the restaurant does have a kid's menu (as most do), the whole table was able to reflect on the awesome flavors and discuss in a very "we-are-experts-from-the-food-network" way how and why we would return.

Reason #5: You get to see moments like this.

This doesn't really require an explanation.

Reason #6: They know which shows are "must-see's."

My grandparents have been to Disney World several times. (I think 6.) And before we went they made sure that we booked some of the "must-see shows." Among them was the Luau at the Polynesian Resort. The show was wonderful and the food kept coming. I probably ate 7,000 calories and enjoyed every second. Not only that, they also took me to all the older places that had been at Disney World since it opened. They told me stories about eating at certain places and riding certain rides. They enjoyed telling me their stories of trips from the past when they brought my mom and aunts along. It was a vacation and history lesson on Disney all-in-one.

Reason #7: On their birthday, they are treated like royalty.

During our time at Disney World, my grandfather celebrated his birthday. To get him in the spirit, my mother made sure he wore a big pin on his chest that said, "Hello, my name is Ronald. It's my Birthday!" Every character and park staff member are looking out for these pins. My grandfather had birthday cards delivered to him at restaurants, and characters would wave at him to celebrate. After the day was over, he would always say, "I never knew so many people knew my name. Can I take the pin off now, Kerri?" Of course my mother would always smile and say, "no." We are sure that deep down he was enjoying every second of the attention. (If you are reading this, Paw Paw, know I tried to help, but mom is very adamant about those pins.) ;)

Reason #8: They will always see you as a 7 year old, so why not act like one?
It's true, you will always be a baby to some people. Moms never stop being moms, and grandparents will never stop being grandparents. Seeing you happy and enjoying yourself makes their day. And I had a blast! Goofy finally proposed to me! You see when I was little, I was convinced that Goofy and I were meant to be. The proposal even happened with an audience. Nearly 100 people waiting in line to see him got really confused when he skipped off into the sunset with me...literally. I was 7 again, and my family got a kick out of it.

Reason #9: There's never an argument about taking a much-needed rest.

Our goal was to complete one park per day. After hours of standing in lines and walking from one end of the park to the other, there was never any complaint about stopping to rest inside. On our day at Hollywood Studios, I picked a Sci-fi Drive In. It was cool and dark inside--the perfect spot for a rest. The only downside was my grandmother's lunch choice. She had salad, which she didn't touch because she said all it was, was grass. Sorry, Maw Maw.

Reason #10: You get to see them be a kid again. 

This is by far the most important reason. That's my grandmother in the front row for the daily parade that happens at Magic Kingdom. I didn't see much of the parade, because watching her reach out to the characters and smiling and laughing was way more enjoyable for me. Everyone says it, but watching it in action is the real magic: You are never too old to be a kid again.

And, if you ask my grandmother, she will tell you she's never getting old. I believe her! She lives life to the fullest no matter where she goes, and has the attitude of a 35 year old to go with it (but, all the wisdom of someone who has lived a lifetime).

So, make memories whenever and wherever you can. Especially ones that involve a Magic Kingdom, people you love, and moments when you realize that for some, the wide-eyed wonder of life never ends.

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