Pancakes the Size of Your Face: Peppermill Las Vegas

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June 24, 2016

Las Vegas. It's a city unlike any other destination in the world. Except for Macau, but you get the picture. Its vibe is unique, one that encourages visitors to leave reason behind and live life in the fast lane. I've traveled to Las Vegas a few times, and each trip I experience something new. A carnival for the eyes, the Las Vegas strip has enough neon, casinos and world-renowned restaurants to keep your senses busy for days. One of my favorite spots on the strip is a funky 24-hour diner and lounge called Peppermill.

I first heard about the mammoth-sized portions of food on Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia, a popular show on the Cooking Channel. In the episode, the duo spent an evening surrounded by Peppermill's kaleidoscopic walls and monstrous cuisine. From the moment I saw the pancakes on television, I knew it was love. I was ready to propose, and walk those pancakes down to a drive-thru chapel to get married by a man in an studded Elvis costume. But, I digress.

Peppermill serves up multitudes of creative cocktails, food and desserts. The menu is sure to have something that pleases everyone in the family. Best of all, you can get everything 24/7! Brightly colored lights, available at all hours, drinksdoes it get anymore Vegas than that?

Fresh from working a full day at the Las Vegas Convention Centerwe were there for a trade showmy coworker and I were exhausted and needed good food fast. It was then I remembered that we were only a short car ride away from Peppermill. So, off we went.

Peppermill has been the filming spot for many music videos, television shows, and has been praised by numerous magazines for being a "must-see" stop in Las Vegas. Inside its flashy, kicky walls, Sin City had never looked better.

I surveyed the room, wondering where they might seat us. Next to a window to look out on the strip? Around one of the fire pits in the middle of the room? We got a spot next to a treeyes a treenear the kitchen. It was the perfect spot for smelling all of the intoxicating cuisine.

It didn't take long for me to decide on the pancakes, obviously. My coworker settled on the Ruben sandwich, the other item ordered on Alie and Georiga's show. We anxiously waited for our plates to be delivered.

The waitress came out carrying our dishes like precious newborn babies. They were certainly big enough. And there they werepancakes that could double as a delicious Serta mattress. Ok, so I'm romanticizing the situation. But if you were there you would have understood.

To say I was excited was an understatement. I had before me a mountain of carbs that needed to be devoured. The Ruben was also a winner. A tower of juicy meat, the sandwich was a formidable opponent for my coworker's appetite. In the end the sandwich won. There was just so much fooda perfect opportunity to take home leftovers for later.

This restaurant is an iconic member of the Las Vegas strip. Since December 1972, it remains a favorite for locals and tourists in Sin City. Yes, the pancakes were sinfully good. And being bad never felt so right.

Peppermill is perfect for any occasion. Come to drink, come to eat, or just come to soak in the authentic Vegas atmosphere. And as you eat your mouthwatering mound of carbolicious heaven, just rememberwhat happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Calories don't count.

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Happy eating!

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